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About Our Practice & FAQs

About Us

Striving to be our personal best means effort on our part to continue our education, which includes every V & R team member.  We attend the ADA annual meeting, where leading speakers in the dentistry field teach us all of the latest; what’s working and what’s not.

Also, our hygienists exceed their continuing education requirements every year by attending the “Under One Roof" meeting, and the doctors are constantly taking courses to challenge themselves.

Our team members remain with us for years, which allows us to build our knowledge and expertise together, as a unit.  With all staff being on the same page, we are better able to provide consistent, optimum care for all of our patients. By investing in our team members, we are rewarded ten-fold by having a well-trained, cohesive team.  As a patient, you will readily notice the difference this makes.


Dr. Linda Robson, Dr. Sally Vail & our Dedicated Staff


Often, one of the biggest hurdles to maintaining a healthy mouth is embarrassment.  With over 25 years in practice, there isn't anything we have not seen and accommodated.  After missing a dental cleaning or two, Dr. Vail was so embarrassed to have her hygienist see her teeth that she contemplated going to another state under an assumed name to have her teeth cleaned!  We understand.


For many, the outdated dentistry many of us experienced in the past has helped create an almost universal dread and fear of going to the dentist.

At Vail and Robson, we understand dental anxiety and take it seriously.  Our single biggest hurdle is your trust – a word often thrown around and used lightly, but is absolutely necessary in moving forward with treatment.

What ever it takes, we’ll figure it out together!

Paying for Treatment

There are many options for treatment, and they will be prioritized to fit your situation.  If you can’t afford or desire to do all of your dental treatment at once, then we can discuss a plan that suits your needs.  We’ll go at your pace.

Fees are discussed beforehand, so there are no surprises. A dental credit card is available if that’s helpful in your procuring payment.